• Lorraine's story

    Lorraine describes how we helped her redefine her definition of wealth, understand the real value of time and see how change is possible despite how impossible it felt at the time.
  • Neil and Alison’s story

    If we hadn’t worked with bdb we might have just protected all our money in a very traditional way. They’ve helped us to think more broadly about what might happen in the future.
  • Peter’s story

    It’s not about money any more. It’s about them understanding what we require from our future. I trust them implicitly, now that I know that they understand what we want to do.
  • Scott and Jo’s story

    The massive benefits that we’ll reap from working with bdb are things to come in the near future. And our kids will benefit too, because we’ve made more future provision for them than we would otherwise have done.

What our clients say

  • "The way they changed me was not thinking about money anymore. They just convinced me that I had sufficient to carry on and live the life we’ve got, in safety. I’ve given my children the education and everything they have ever dreamt of and it hasn’t cost them anything, so now it is my time and our time. Instead of not having time together, we now have endless time together, in the sunshine, which has always been my dream."

    Peter J

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