Should the way that we invest reflect our personal values?  How can we do this without compromising our chances of a successful outcome and will it make a difference?

If given the choice, many of us would elect not to invest directly or indirectly in companies which we see as doing harm in one form or another.

Likewise, most of us are relying upon those same investments to deliver our future financial independence.  Is there a way we can incorporate our views on environment, sustainability and responsibility into the ways in which we invest without compromising our futures?

In two special seminars next month we are going to shine a light on this topical and sometimes controversial area of discussion in the investment world.


15th September at 5pm

In our first seminar, the bdb team are going to introduce some of the key concepts; what is the difference between, SRI, ESG and Impact investing? What are the challenges? and share some of what we have learned from lifting the lid on this rapidly evolving area of focus.


29th September at 5pm

Two weeks later, we are fortunate to be joined by a guest speaker, Jim Whittington from Dimensional Fund Advisors.  Jim is a senior portfolio manager with Dimensional and will be sharing how the latest evidence surrounding responsible investment can be incorporated into the construction of a portfolio destined for success.

Whilst the first seminar will be available for consumption online afterwards, Jim’s talk is only available to those who attend on the day, so do please “save the date”, and join us for what promises to be a very interesting talk.  Keep an eye out for invitations to both of these online events arriving in your inbox soon.

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