Our Managing Director, Andrew Brook-Dobson, was interviewed on Wednesday by Stray FM's Family show host, Beth Parsons. Andrew discussed how to best approach financial conversations and planning as a family. Those conversations can be enhanced by the board game bdb developed and more broadly the service we provide to couples to help them plan successfully for their future.

Andrew also mentioned our upcoming 'Financial Wellbeing' educational seminars in local schools. Those sessions are designed to empower children and young adults with the necessary knowledge to understand and manage money responsibly.
bdb will also run sessions with parents to assist them, and their children, to make informed decisions when it comes to student finances in order to get the best start into adulthood possible. 

You can read the article here and listen to the interview.

For more information about our services and seminars, please contact Celine Delasalle [celine@bdbfinancial.com] or call us on 01423 855680. 



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