I was recently asked the question “how is your new job going and what is your work like?” which caused me to halt and think. Having recently become an MSc graduate, I personally know how difficult it can be to obtain an interview, never mind successfully passing multiple rounds of interviews and relevant assessments. You can research a prospective employer as much as you like, talk to them in the interviews with genuine rapport but only once you have taken the plunge do you truly know what you have got yourself in for.  

A lot of my friends have undertaken the typical graduate process; fire out as many CVs as they can hoping that one will stick, stretch the truth through an interview by pretending that their values align with the employer and landing a job that they don’t want to do in a company they don’t want to work for. More alarmingly, the situation with my friends is extrapolated across the whole country for the millions of UK graduates. Sounds good doesn’t it? Welcome to 2019.

It was apparent that bdb is different to other firms from the offset with my initial research. Financial planning is vastly different, and in my opinion a better service than financial advice, it means you can help to make a real difference in someone’s life. bdb’s team take a step back to listen so they can fully understand to see what is best for you with your objectives. As someone who enjoys making a difference (through frequent volunteering), this instantly attracted me to bdb’s values. My interviews were such refreshingly honest and open conversations about themselves, which I appreciated, especially as I am a forward thinking type of person.

Instantly within my first few weeks it was obvious to see why they are successful and clients rate them highly. The technical expertise and intricate attention to detail is something that I have been impressed by. I am no stranger to a hard academic work ethic but I have seen first hand the amount of work that is put in to every aspect by everyone. It is apparent why they exceed their clients’ expectations.

This is championed with the underlying desire to never be satisfied with the current level, there's a real sense of ambition from everyone in the team to become greater. Within my first couple of weeks I have already been encouraged to look at learning conferences so that I can help contribute! It means a lot that my employer actively pushes and engages me to better myself, which is something I continually strive to do.

Having been involved in team sports (mainly rugby) from a young age, teamwork is something that is important to me. Everyone has made time to help me get up to speed and to settle in with a very warm welcome. I did not expect such a strong team ethic, I have already been on two team activities after work and been made to feel like I have been here for years.

I decided to hold out though, to “work” for a company that aligns with myself and believe in the same principles as I do. I feel we are both working towards the same goals, days go so fast as everyone is in unison and it doesn’t feel like work! It is challenging and demanding but the best things in life are aren’t they?  As a result and in reference to the question I was asked earlier, I don’t see myself as having a “job”, but rather a career and I am glad that I found a company that honestly cares.

Posted by: Anick Sharma | Posted in: News