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There are moments when we all want to escape. Sometimes we want to escape reality but more likely it would be stress or maybe our everyday routine or even the crowds of other people who share our daily space. The solution begins with a daydream about how or to where you would escape but will always end with the intention to travel. This month let’s look at some destinations for a great escape!

First up is Northern Australia. It’s very large, diverse and wild meaning that it can cope with whatever you fancy. Exploring this area is a big adventure; camping under magnificent starlit skies and gazing upon ancient natural wonders. The gateway to this region is Darwin, a town that is rich in indigenous history, a melting pot of culture and cuisine with some outstanding beaches making the city it an ideal place to linger.

For remoteness and luxury think about Lizard Island, the most northern island of the Great Barrier Reef and wins hands down in the isolation stakes.  Pristine sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and a luxury resort hotel will leave you thinking you are in paradise!

More central is Ayers Rock or Uluru as it is becoming known. Here you will enter an ancient universe of Aboriginal legend and sacred spiritual significance. It is an awe inspiring natural phenomenon that appears to throb, move and change hue from sunrise to sunset. Light, time and space seem to be derived from a different planet.

Another great escape moves us to South America. You simply have to go to the Atacama Desert once in your life! Base yourself in an eco-lodge and spend your days soaking up the incredible environment then relax with a range of wellness options: Shimmering salt lakes that are fished by long legged, pink flamingo, wander the sand hills and dried river beds of the Moon Valley, witness the hot geysers throw steaming water 60 metres into the dawn sky, hike to the top of a 6,000 metre peak and soak up extraordinary views across Chile, Argentina and Bolivia. The landscape can best be described as other worldly as the crazy rock formations are weird layer cake constructions of copper, iron and quartz. It is said that this combination of natural minerals gives the locals their positive energy and good vibes!

My final suggestion is to get out to the Grand Canyon. Once again you will feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the splendour of one of the natural wonders of the world. Stand on the dramatically sublime northern rim to breathe in the peace of Nature’s beauty whilst trying to decide in which direction to look next. At two billion years old, the exposed layers of rock that reach to the bottom of the mile deep canyon is some of the oldest on the planet, carved by the mighty Colorado River. From the rim, descend deeper via quiet, snaking trails to see close up the mind-boggling record of geologic time, following the ancient footsteps of the Native Americans who inhabited this spectacular place. As you would expect of an iconic U.S. attraction, the activity options encompass just about everything you can think of: helicopter trips, horse trails, walking trails, hiking, camping, Rim hotels, boat trips, restaurants and bars. These all enable you to experience the Grand Canyon’s shifting desert light and dazzling colours that play upon the rock, its temples, thrones and arches in a dazzling vista that inspired generations of artists.

Wherever your daydream takes you, the possibilities to escape are endless. Come and talk to us to plan your break and slip away from the everyday.

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