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Enjoying downtime on a sun drenched beach with a good book and a Margarita might seem like the ideal holiday but, nowadays, travellers increasingly want to use their time off to concentrate on wellbeing and health. The modern lifestyle can be very sedentary so there is an increasing demand for destinations that offer vacations that major on health, wellbeing and general fitness. The rising popularity of these types of getaways has created healthy competition in the industry with many new destinations and a variety of treatments available all around the world meaning that wellness getaways needn’t cost an arm or a leg. This month we have a few suggestions for you to consider.

The minerals and salts of the Dead Sea have been exploited for their skin friendly properties for centuries and this area is reputedly the world’s first health resort having been the preferred destination of ancient kings. Surrounded by the stunning landscape of the Negev desert, it is also Earth’s lowest elevation on land being 430 metres below sea level. Whilst here, don’t forget to visit the awe-inspiring ruins of Petra which are accessible by foot, horseback or vehicle. But for a natural and soothing skin treatment, soak in serenity at the hot springs or cover yourself in mineral-rich mud before taking a float in the salty sea. The list of treatments is exhaustive: besides the more usual dermatological, rheumatologic and mud pack treatments, you can indulge in therapies like ultrasound, microwave, galvanic, cryotherapy and hydrotherapy. When not undergoing treatments, you can enjoy yoga or Pilates and when hungry, the fresh, locally grown food is delicious. You will return glowing from inside to out!

Further afield, the Himalayan belt has been home to holistic healing and wellbeing for centuries. The approach the region adopts has attracted sophisticated travellers with its unique natural beauty and rare medicinal herbs. At Dwarika’s they believe in the need for maintaining harmony between body, mind, spirit and earth in order to enjoy a peaceful, healthy and balanced life. Drawing on ancient Hindu scriptures, Buddhist medicine and traditional Himalayan knowledge, the resort is founded on a philosophy of respecting both nature and self. Using the expertise of an Ayurvedic doctor and naturopathy expert, a programme of treatments, meditation and diet will be devised to enable the visitor to discover an atmosphere of complete harmony, renewal and growth. Travelling this far is going to be more demanding on the wallet but the reward of the peace and serenity of the foothills of the world’s mightiest mountain range coupled with the unique wellbeing packages may just change your approach to life forever!

Finally, consider a visit to a clinic that specialises in giving your mind and body a complete MOT using the very latest medical diagnostics. Set in an idyllic location on the banks of Lake Worthersee in Austria, the FX Mayr clinic aims to improve your well-being, vitality, health and balance. In their hands, you will relax, cleanse and detox your body and free your mind. Programmes are designed to re-energise your daily life and create greater sense of wellbeing. The basic programme offers a one week treatment for regeneration and relaxation. Whilst enjoying the wonderful, peaceful atmosphere, you practise awareness and give your body a clean break. The resident doctors and therapists will create a course of treatment based on individual needs and wishes. As a bonus, there is also a beauty spa that aims to make your skin more radiant and ‘alive’. A wide range of luxurious and indulgent body and facial treatments are linked to your individual body shaping and detox programmes. And the food is sensational!

Taking a getaway to these wellbeing destinations is a way to shake off current bad habits and invest in the future of your mind and body. It can be both life changing and life improving and something that you will wonder why you didn’t do sooner!

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