At bdb our mantra is that real wealth is measured in time, relationships and experiences which is why we have partnered with Travel Producer to bring you monthly travel inspiration. Here is October’s inspiration:

The classic ‘explorer’ of the world gone-by is no longer with us but the idea of exploring should not be lost, as it is something that we all do when examining our boundaries, pushing our comfort zones or expanding our education. The world has never been more accessible, not just to those with skills and money but to everyone who has the desire to do something a little different.

So how about a trip down the Amazon in a boat? Explore the rich biodiversity of the greatest river on earth, journeying downstream on freshwater that is up to 15 km wide in places. As you float along this amazing artery you will get to meet the local indigenous people who live in houses built on stilts near the banks and who have been sustained for centuries by the natural wealth of the mighty Amazon. It’s a great opportunity to learn how they exploit the plants and trees around them and how each has a different meaning and use. From time to time, there is the chance to get off your boat and explore the delicate ecosystem that constitutes the Amazon rainforest and swim safely in lakes beneath stunning waterfalls. All through your journey you will experience the wildlife: red Ibis, macaws and parrots in the air, capybara monkeys and sloths in the trees, caiman and pink river dolphins in the water. At night, you will sleep beneath a sea of glistening stars. This trip is inevitably for the active traveller who is willing to enjoy the more basic levels of comfort in order to experience something truly out of the ordinary.

Less hale and hearty would be to walk the spectacular ancient Amalfi Coast. Not only does it afford great views of the Mediterranean Sea but you get to enjoy homemade organic food and wine and to discover the towns of Amalfi and Positano and the Island of Capri.

The well marked clifftop pathway passes through the Ferriere National Park that has its very own micro climate and ends with The Walk of the Gods which is regarded as one of the greatest coastal treks in the world. The clifftop views of the magnificent Bay of Salerno and Capri are breathtaking. The trail winds under huge limestone cliffs and alongside pretty farmhouses before descending, past flower gardens, into the chic town of Positano - still a favourite of the stars. In between, you will have wondered at the Duomo di Sant Andrea in Amalfi and taken a boat to Capri to witness their trendy boutiques and cool cafes and paid tribute at the Emperor Tiberius’ Palace. Obviously, you will have swum in the cool, crystal clear coastal waters!

Our final suggestion this month is for families - an Atlas Mountain and Sahara adventure that will appeal to all ages. Enjoy an active adventure in the Moroccan wilderness exploring North Africa’s highest mountains and the world’s largest desert. Start in a 4x4 that takes you deep into the towering peaks of the mighty mountains before switching to mule to reach a remote site high above the valley. Thence descend into the Sahara and make your way to the Oasis of Zagora - a major outpost of the old caravan route. Jump on a camel to continue your journey to the oasis of Ouled Driss where you can bed down under a blanket of billions of stars. End your trip in Marrakech, a city rich in the history of the Berbers and a once-rich ancient trading post. Here you can explore the small, winding streets that are full of spectacular architecture and wonderful facades that hark back to the days when this city was a centre for Islamic scholars.

There are many ways for us to explore the world today all of which are now within touching distance. All we have to do is to pack our bags and take the first step of a journey of discovery.


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