Since leaving bdb, Tim has been extremely busy not only qualifying from a chainsaw course, but also joining a Mountain Leaders course, enrolling on a dry stone walling course and as a ‘Grey Shirt’ volunteer for Team Rubicon UK, which is disaster relief NGO.

In his ‘free’ time, Tim is also involved in the ‘Dragons’ project which has been taken up as a joint venture by the animal welfare charity the Born Free Foundation (BFF). This project brings together the skills, expertise and equipment of the Integrated Wildlife Protection Interventions (IWPi) lead by Tim, Kinetic 6 (experts in communications tracking and surveillance), Chimera Aviation, the Endangered Species Protection Agency (ranger training) and Bretton Woods (global international law & anti-corruption).

Dragons are gyrocopters equipped with high tech equipment backed by trained rangers’ patrols into animal parks, initially in Africa. The aircraft, first seen being flown by James Bond, since used by special military units, can take off in areas the size of a small garden, are quiet, can fly safely at low speeds and can carry a pilot, a passenger/observer and technical equipment.

Deploying these Dragons will allow rangers to patrol vast areas of land in minutes rather than weeks and to combat Wildlife poaching, transforming the reach and capacity of intelligence and  of rangers on the ground to protect endangered wild animals.

As a seasoned (yet not recently) marathon runner, Tim will run the London marathon in April 2019 to support the Born Free Foundation and raise the necessary funds necessary to launch hopefully many Dragons.

Our very best wishes of success in his endeavour accompany Tim!

Should you wish to also support Tim’s charitable challenge, his fundraising page can be found here.

Tim can be contacted at:

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