Happy New Year to all of our friends and clients!

It's around this time of year that people reflect and also start to consider how to make changes for a better future.  With a clean slate ahead of us all for 2020 we thought it might be fun to offer our take on some of the more common resolutions made around this time.

Reflecting on the past

Whether it's been a good year or a bad year, with the down time over the break, people will have taken the time to think about the last year and their experiences both good and bad.  

For us, 2019 was a memorable year for returns from our evidence based investment portfolios.  However, if there's one thing our research tells us, it is that this does not inform us about what might be coming down the line.  We must not allow ourselves to become carried away in the good years or too disappointed in the bad. We must stay true to our investing principles.  Human emotion can be a huge destroyer of wealth and being aware of our biases can offer innumerable benefits, not just in the arena of investing.

Looking Forward to the future

Isn’t this exactly what planning is all about?  Of course, at bdb we don’t just wait until the New Year, we are always thinking about what lies ahead for our clients and planning.  Money isn’t interesting or important, it just allows us to do interesting and important things. Without a plan though, most of it will never happen.  We cannot wait to get started having those important conversations and help make more dreams come true in 2020.

Going on a health kick

Those who are on with Veganuary and dry January will be coming towards the end now.  We salute you no matter which new healthier habits you have taken on, even if only for a month.  The link between physical and mental health is talked about more and more but there is also a growing awareness of the link between mental health and financial wellbeing.  How would you score your financial health? Is now the time to start forming some healthier habits when it comes to your money?

Setting Goals

Whether it is to compete in a triathlon or spend more time with your significant other, this is a time for setting goals. Those who do set goals and step outside their comfort zones from time to time experience and achieve so much more. Whether that's doing that special trip you’ve promised yourselves for years or a commitment to ensure you are there to pick up the kids from school on time.  But how many well intentioned plans fade as the reality of daily life gobbles up ambition and you’re right back to where you started in December 2020 thinking “where did that year go?” The key is accountability. We love holding our clients to account, not just on their financial plans but also in their lives and we love seeing them live healthier, richer and happier lives as a result.  Do you know someone who could do with some of that in their lives?

We wish all of our friends the very best of success in 2020 whatever that means for you.

Posted by: Anick Sharma | Posted in: News