Most businesses, large or small, tend to have company values and at bdb we are no different. There are many different definitions but most tend to be around beliefs, philosophies and principles that drive a business and its culture. They guide the way that a business works both internally, amongst its employees and externally with clients or stakeholders.

What sets bdb apart from most companies is that we all play a part in determining them. A lot of companies have their values set by the ‘people at the top’, And although this might work for them, we decided that we wanted to come up with the new company values together as a team.

Personally, I think this is a great approach. If you have been involved in implementing something and it has meaning to you, it is so much easier to then live by it.

The process started with us getting together, with a load of flipchart paper and coming up with what we felt was important to us, as a team.

We came up with some ideas which we all went away and thought about individually and fed back on. Initially we found it difficult to come up with the four or five names of the values, but after working together it soon became much easier. This also quickly determined our first value – BE Together. The rest soon followed… 


BE Together

We are one team supporting each other delivering a world class service that makes a difference. We are all better together.

BE Smart

Working hard is good, working smart is better. Improve what you do and how you do it.

BElieve You Can

Believe you can and it will happen. Change your belief, change your life.

BE Exceptional

No gesture is too big or too small, we aim to be exceptional in all we do.


We are now looking at ways to ‘display’ our values. We all hope that our behaviours represent our values but would like to find a way to remind each other of our values and share them with our clients on a daily basis.

Whether that be a series of posters in the office, a video or something else. Thoughts, suggestions and bright ideas are very much welcomed!

Posted by: Catherine Sherwood | Posted in: News