Happy New Year to all of our clients and friends.

We’re back into the swing of things here at bdb and looking forward to meeting our new clients and tackling the first of our forward planning meetings for 2023.

At this time of year, our attention starts to focus on the tax year end (5th April) even though it is still three months away.  The use of ISA and pension allowances is one way to ensure that portfolios remain as efficient as possible, which in turn, increases the likelihood of a financial plan being a successful one.

We typically get many of these covered throughout the year as part of our FPM work but despite our best efforts, circumstances conspire to leave us with a few cases which go to the wire.  

As ever we will continue tackling allowances on a proactive basis so if you haven’t yet used yours we’ll be in touch in the coming weeks.  We are mindful of the challenges facing providers with their turnaround times and postal strikes. So if now is a good time for you to address this, let us know, and we can get this important piece of tactical planning done sooner rather than later.

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2023.

Posted by: Catherine Sherwood | Posted in: News