The evolution of money has gathered pace in recent times with the introduction of new technologies such as contactless payments and the rise of online banking with state of the art mobile phone applications. Whilst technology is being adopted en masse, are we at risk of being left behind due to a lack of knowledge around the most fundamental concepts surrounding personal finance? 

We often encounter a lack of knowledge around budgeting, the difference between needs and wants or balancing living for today and for the future. Most people of working age will have pensions but we often find they have no idea how they work or what they may provide in retirement. 

It has become obvious to us that there is a need for financial education for everyone starting with our youngsters. To help tackle this at bdb we offer free financial advice up to the age of twenty five for our clients’ children. We have also enjoyed working with schools in and around the local Harrogate area running fun interactive sessions which have been well received.

Andrew has been talking to the listeners of Stray FM about the importance of having a good grasp of the fundamentals of personal finance, how you remove some of the ‘stigma’ and discomfort around opening up the money conversation and start to develop healthy behaviours around money. If you would like to listen to what he had to say you can get the interview here.

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