bdb’s approach to financial planning helps to plan with you, not for you. Part of this approach is including your whole family in the planning process, to make sure that it helps you achieve your own personal goals as well as your children’s but also the wider goals of your family’s success. We offer guidance and expert advice to our clients’ children - up to the age of 25 - at no added cost. Whatever your circumstances, we can help in many ways.


Helping your children directly

Children of our clients are able to access the help of our team of experts up to age 25 for no charge. This means that whilst they are taking their first steps towards financial independence; planning to go and going to university; and entering into their first employments, bdb’s team is there to answer their queries or problems and help guide them as a trusted and independent advisor.

Typical questions might be around student finance and banking; auto-enrolment and company pension schemes; first-time mortgages and questions about budgeting, saving and debt. As well as providing information and education about these topics, we can assist in reviewing pension schemes or mortgage options to ensure that they are suitable and advising them on the right road to success. When children turn 18, they can access Junior ISAs, child trust funds, and other arrangements which may have been put in place for them. bdb can help them manage these effectively, tracking progress so they can be used efficiently when needed, whether it’s for a house deposit or maybe to invest in a business venture.


Helping you help them

If your children are younger, or one of your financial goals is to be able to invest for their future, then bdb can help you put money aside for their benefit. We can help you open Junior ISAs or pensions and invest into these, providing tax advantages and giving your children access to our investment portfolios. As these investments are very long-term with the power of compounding returns, this can be a very successful way of giving money to your children.

We are also highly experienced in estate planning and trusts. We have helped many families pass on wealth during their lifetimes and see their children reap the benefits when they really need the help. All our services are bespoke, and your children can benefit from an invaluable start into adulthood thanks to our expert financial planning.

We run regular Breakfast Seminars on Intergenerational Financial Planning benefits. To register your interest and reserve your space, please contact

bdb provides the services of a Personal Financial Director. Our fundamental principle is that money is an “enabler” which makes a rewarding life possible for our clients thanks to our holistic financial planning approach. We service our clients and their families to plan and spend better tomorrows whilst generating on their behalf clear savings compared to traditional financial and wealth management. bdb’s advisers have the very highest levels of financial planning qualification and expertise, holding both chartered and CFP accredited status.

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