As we embark on the journey out of lockdown we have so much to look forward to!


Meeting a group of friends for a drink at the pub,

A trip to the gym just to sit in the hot tub.

Going to town shopping for non-leisure wear,

And finally getting a professional to sort out our hair!


No washing up because we’ve been out for a meal, 

Not queuing for ALDI, imagine how that’ll feel.

Heading to a stadium to watch some live sport, 

Hugging our loved ones, wow, what a thought! 


Travelling to a busy concert for a sing and a dance, 

My goodness, we might even be allowed to visit France!

But for the time being just leaving the postcode of HG, 

This is where the bdb team can’t wait to be…


Sam - Isles of Scilly 

Having grown up in Cornwall, Sam spent much of her childhood holidaying in the Isles of Scilly and she can’t wait to go back... Especially to St. Martin’s, where all being well she will be getting married in the summer.


Gill - Saltburn-by-the-Sea

Gill is looking forward to feeling the sea breeze when she gets to take her beloved dogs for a wonderful long walk along the vast, sandy beach at Saltburn. 


Matt - The Lake District

Matt can’t wait to head back to the Lakes, and continue preparing for mountain racing and big adventures he has lined up later in the year.


Amy - Piglets Adventure Farm

Having entertained two little ones at home for long enough, Amy is looking forward to taking her children for a great family day out to see the animals and have a paddle in the beach area. 


Fred - Glentress in Summer to go mountain biking

Fred has been putting some miles in on his wheels and is planning a trip to Glentress to go mountain biking in the summer. 


Anick - Snowdonia National Park

Having enjoyed a fantastic trip to Snowdon in between lockdowns last year, Anick is hoping to be able to go back soon and enjoy some other hikes around Snowdonia National Park. 


Oliver - Dalby Forest

The stunning Dalby forest offers more than 8,000 acres of land with trails perfect for biking which is exactly what Oli has planned in the near future. 


Andy - The Lakes

Also, looking forward to visiting the Lakes is Andrew. He can’t wait to be out walking miles in the beautiful, never-ending hills.


Me - Henley-on-Thames

Finally, for me I cannot wait to head back down south to spend precious time with my loved ones. I am especially looking forward to parking up at Hurley Lock and enjoying a delightful stroll along the Thames ending up with a lovely coffee in Henley-on-Thames which holds many special memories for me, not least because it is where I said “I do”! 


It’s exciting just thinking about all the wonderful places we will soon be able to visit and I am looking forward to talking to you and hearing about what you have planned for the brighter days ahead. Take care.

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