There is so rarely a time when, as a couple, we can sit down together and devote time to planning for the future; for when the kids are older, the mortgage is paid down, the job is less stressful, the business is sold,  the time for holidays and hobbies has arrived. If at all, it is so often limited to that brief hour on the sun lounger during the summer holiday whilst the kids are in the pool.

We designed this light-hearted ‘board game’ as a means to encourage the discussion and enable some of the dreaming of, or planning for, the future. We have some great examples of how it has helped our clients to live a little bigger today, live more in the present than living to excess in the future and take away some of the guesswork and intuition resulting in a plan that works.

With a glass of wine (or your favourite tipple) spend a little time taking your choice of the printed stickers (or write some of your own) and putting them on the relevant sector – have to/want to, now/later. Let your imagination go a little.

The stickers are easy peel so can easily be moved if you don’t initially agree or change your mind.

This is just one of the tools that we use to help understand the aims and aspirations, the dreams and plans of our clients as we get to know them. If you like the approach and want to understand how we develop the planning from these early explorations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at We are passionate about making a difference and love talking about how we do it on a daily basis for our busy, time poor, hardworking clients.

Discover Scott and Jo's experience on the bdb board game here.

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