Hi, I’m Aaron, the newest member of the bdb team.

Having left school last year I had a decision to make, University or Work? Initially, I had planned to take a year out to assess my options and COVID gave me the perfect opportunity to do this. After spending a year working in financial services, I had decided that I wanted to specialise in Financial Planning and once the opportunity arose with bdb it was an uncomplicated decision.

Since joining bdb, I have noticed a vast difference from where I had worked last year, in a much larger organisation. The level of care and attention attributed to each client are the antithesis of each other and, the value-added from financial planning rather than financial advice is clear to see. In conjunction with this, I have noticed a greater synergy between the team, with everyone working towards the same overarching goal. 

Working in a challenging environment with people who are more than happy to spend time sharing their knowledge and expertise with me has contradicted previous experiences. This is something that runs throughout the team with everyone looking to see how they can provide more value to both our clients and the team. I think it has been important to see the real value of what I am working towards and what influence I am having. 

Outside of work, I enjoy watching & playing football. However, I haven’t played yet this season, and Leeds United seem to have gotten considerably worse! In concurrence with this, I have an unexciting interest in football statistics, specifically discovering new, innovative metrics. In the summer I enjoy playing golf, however during winter it’s safe to say my clubs don’t leave the garage in avoidance of lost balls in leaves and exceedingly wet ground. 

In bdb, I have found a company that strives for excellence and prioritises intricate attention to detail and quality over a focus on products. They have also championed professional development since I first arrived which is important to me personally. All of this gives the impression that bdb have the long term in mind and are not simply looking for someone to fill a hole.

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