Steve Jobs’ Inspirational Speech

On Wednesday we were at the IFP’s National Conference at Celtic Manor and we were fortunate enough to have a key note presentation delivered by Mike Harris of First Direct, Egg and now Garlik fame.

One of his key messages was that with a very few notable exceptions (more in a second) the only way we can gain the necessary insight into what consumer’s products & services they need to achieve what they want to achieve is to engage with them as intimately as possible.

He gave two examples of the “rare genius” individuals that had the talent and innate insight to bypass this engagement process. The first was Henry Ford who is famously reported as having said “if I had asked them what they wanted, they’d have told me “faster horses”!”.

The other was Steve Jobs. As we all know, yesterday Mr Jobs passed away. In the plethora of eulogies, I came across the following video of a speech he gave in 2005 at a Stanford graduation ceremony. I believe this should be obligatory viewing in every school.

How different would the world be if everybody internalised these ideas and lived a life they love!

If you want to short-cut, fast forward to 8:50 and watch from there.


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October 7th, 2011

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