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IF you’re still feeling a bit low after the home nations’ performances at last year’s Rugby World Cup, here is a rugby story to inspire you for the New Year.
Next week Yorkshire-based financial planner Tim Brear, co-founder of Harrogate-based firm Brook-Dobson Brear, heads off to spend five weeks in Africa.
But rather than messing about watching cricket and tasting wine, like I did, or going on safari, rugby enthusiast Tim, who lives in Ilkley and coaches six to 16-year-olds at Otley RUFC, will be in Kenya and Uganda as a volunteer with rugby charity The Bhubesi Pride.
The former soldier, who played rugby at school, club, university and in the army, describes the trip as “one last hurrah using my experience as a volunteer for a charity”.
The Bhubesi Pride ( is a charity using rugby to unite, empower and inspire children in Africa.
It was founded by former schoolteacher Richard Bennett who grew up in South Africa and who, Tim tells me, has family in Addingham.
Bhubesi Pride Foundation puts together teams of committed volunteers to carry out annual rugby coaching expeditions across Africa using the sport as a tool for education and development. A glance at the 2016 team that Tim will be part of shows that they will work in schools and villages in nine African countries in the coming weeks.
They are a varied bunch, ranging from young British rugby players being funded by the Bill McLaren Foundation to a Las Vegas-based rugby coach called CJ to a young woman who started playing tag rugby as a way of meeting new people when she moved to Paris.
I have no doubt Tim’s trip will be a success and look forward to hearing about it on his return. He is one of those slightly annoying people who is good at whatever they put their mind to.
After rugby he took up marathon running and has completed races in cities around the world in impressive times.
If you are interested in supporting the charity, getting involved or even following in Tim’s wake and volunteering, then more information is available at
I was going to describe Tim’s firm, which is based on Hornbeam Park in Harrogate, as a wealth manager, but given he said they can look at my finances, then it’s not the right description.
COPA provides unique bespoke events and travel experiences that deliver serious return on investment for their clients.

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January 15th, 2016

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