Red for Success!


I was amused to hear on the radio recently of a scientific study (now almost ten years old) which revealed that teams and individuals which play in red are statistically more likely to achieve sporting success than others.

For example, when evenly matched in combat sports (such as boxing or tae kwon do) reds emerge victorious on 60% of occasions.  However, it appears the reasons behind this are still a subject of some debate.


Andrew, Tim and I are in the middle of an exciting project improving upon the look and feel of our literature, branding and website.  We are also creating a whole host of new materials which will improve upon our client’s experience of our Personal Finance Director service.  We look forward to sharing some of this output with our clients and contacts soon.

One thing we won’t be spending much time on is refreshing our chosen colour scheme!

We will continue to fight to achieve true life success for our clients.

From the red corner of course…..

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May 21st, 2015

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