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value_definitionAt BDB, our mission is to use the power of life changing financial planning to help couples live truly succesful lives.

We have very many examples of how successful we have been in making a huge difference, whether it is empowering a senior executive to step off the hamster wheel, or bringing forward the purchase of a couple’s dream home.  As you can see from the films we made recently with some of our clients, the difference we can make is often priceless.

Aside from the ‘big picture’ life changes we can help make, there are elements in our financial planning process the value of which we can calculate.  In their study of 2014, our colleagues at Vanguard identified seven key activities where advisers like BDB add real tangible value which can be calculated.

Asset Allocation – This is the key driver of how your investment portfolio will behave.  This is why we spend so much time with our clients at the outset making sure we get the best long term mix for their portfolio.

Rebalancing – Making sure the portfolio’s risk and return characteristics remain on target and instilling a discipline of buying low and selling high.

Lowering Costs – The only guaranteed way to increase returns without increasing risks.  We often find that this factor alone will cover our fees when we compare it to traditional active investment portfolio new clients will often come to us with.

Behavioural Coaching – Human emotions such as fear and greed can mean that as individuals we can sometimes be the biggest threat to our own wealth.

Tax Allowances – Keeping our clients affairs as streamlined, simple and tax efficient cuts cost but also reduces administrative impact.

Spending Strategy – When the time comes to stop accumulating and start living on your assets the order in and rate at which your portfolio is spent can be crucial in making it last as long as you need.

Total return versus income – investing specifically for income or growth can expose a portfolio to unnecessary risks.  By adopting a total return (income and growth) a more efficient long term approach can be achieved.

When added together, Vanguard discovered that advisers like BDB who adopt these key seven approaches add in the region of 3% per year for their clients.

When you consider that the life changing decisions we help our clients make is in addition, you have to admit that working with us looks like a pretty good investment.


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Matt Kiddle

February 20th, 2017

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