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What we do

“Listen” “Understand”. In a recent survey, these were the two words our clients used most often to describe what BDB does well. Once we understand what’s important to you, we can develop financial strategies that can make a profound, positive difference to your life.

We begin by listening: learning about your aspirations and values, your hopes and your fears. To make this process as insightful as possible, we also use some powerful tools, including the BDB Board Game. (This is very popular with our clients; click here if you would like your own complimentary copy). ... Read More
Financial planning
While we’re getting to know you, our team use your data to build up a comprehensive picture of your finances: an audited balance sheet, a profit & loss account and a lifetime cashflow forecast, which is illustrated by our bucket film. We then develop your financial strategy, using scenarios and stress testing to make sure it is effective and resilient. The outcome is often life changing, as BDB clients Lorraine and Peter explain. ... Read More
Financial management
With your strategy in place, we do the tactical work that’s needed to implement it as securely and efficiently as possible. This is about driving out unnecessary costs, reducing tax and upgrading your existing financial assets where necessary. It saves a typical BDB client around £37,500 a year. ... Read More
Forward planning and progress
We insist on meeting at least once a year following implementation, more frequently in the early stages. At these forward planning meetings, we deliver consistent, transparent progress reports and make sure everything is on track. The meetings are important opportunities to discuss our tactics and make any adjustments needed as your life changes. ... Read More
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It's about time

Our aim is to help you allocate your most valuable resources – time and money – in ways that are meaningful to you.

Each year, we repeat the listening-planning-financial management process to check progress, make any changes needed and ensure that your plan becomes reality.

The typical BDB client saves £37,500 per year

Why choose BDB

Here is what some of our clients have to say about how we have helped them change their lives.

Lorraine’s story

Lorraine describes how we helped her redefine her definition of wealth, understand the real value of time and see how change is possible despite how impossible it felt at the time.

Neil & Alison’s story

Now that Neil and Alison feel able to put financial risk into context, they’ve been able to make positive, life-changing decisions – like buying that “little bit of Scotland” they always wanted.

Peter’s story

Peter explains how we’ve helped him realise that it’s about how money can make possible the experiences he wants, and how he now feels free to spend time in the sunshine.

Scott & Jo’s story

Scott & Jo talk about the power of working with the BDB team as a couple so there’s a shared understanding. They explain how BDB has helped them provide for their kids, reduce inheritance tax and manage a host of life changes.


“Andrew, Tim and their team have done a lot for me to take the pain out of financial planning.”

“The insights and approach are invaluable for taking control of your personal finances and therefore life choices.”

BDB Financial