In my previous role I worked as the school administrator in a local primary. Listening to the children’s conversations really opened my eyes to the lack of awareness they had surrounding money. 

We have all heard the words ringing in our ears ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, but in a world where cash is becoming less and less common and it is so easy to ‘tap’ our cards, money is becoming more and more invisible and as such an even harder concept to grasp.

How, as adults, can we suddenly be expected to have a sound understanding of finances if we’ve never touched on it before? Financial education is not currently a focal part of the curriculum in schools. This is where bdb can help! We are strong believers that education is vital and as such we offer complimentary financial wellbeing workshops in schools.  

Our workshops aim to raise an awareness of cash flow and budgeting and focus on how planning and developing a healthy relationship with money are essential life skills. A key concept that we cover is ‘needs and wants’. Understanding the difference is not only important in helping with our spending but also other key topical issues such as the environment. Do we really need that piece of clothing or plastic toy? Our sessions are bespoke and we tailor them to different age groups, and topics range from budgeting, banking and borrowing to student finance, tax and pensions. 

Not only do we educate children and young people, we also offer sessions for parents. These give them an insight into what we will be covering with their children, allowing them to have constructive conversations about money at home and reinforce the concepts we have shared. The children also go home with a useful toolkit to guide them in their planning. 

In our opinion education is the key to starting on our own successful financial journey, knowledge is power afterall. 

If you are interested in hearing more about our programme, know someone who might or would like to book a session, please email or call us on 01423 855680 to speak to a member of our friendly team. 

We provide both the materials and the expertise so it really couldn’t be easier.

Posted by: Catherine Sherwood | Posted in: News