A new start and a new challenge!

In July this year I was lucky enough to join the BDB team as a Client Administrator. Having spent two years in financial services, I’m keen to get stuck in to my new role and learn all about the
business.  You could well be hearing from me in the near future as I look to help our clients with progressing and implementing their financial plans.



In the coming months, I will also be working with the team on a new processes project that we are all excited about.  Our aim is to develop new processes and refine existing ones to become as efficient as possible and I am looking forward to bring my past experience to bear on this. The end result will be a slicker and improved service in lots of areas at BDB.

Those who know us well will be aware that we are constantly looking for feedback on ways to improve our client experience.  We have already had lots of great ideas from our clients which we are incorporating into the project.  If having read this, something springs to mind (no matter how small) we would love to hear from you.


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Amy Hull

September 19th, 2016

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