Good luck all you Fledglings!

As we pack away our unused sun cream and barbecue for another year after a typical Yorkshire summer, the thoughts of many of our clients and their families focus back on returning to work and school for the start of another year.


Our thoughts are especially with those families with young people heading off for their first university term over the next few weeks.

The decision on whether even to go to university is now far trickier to grapple with than it was even in the recent past. Financial considerations often play a much more prominent role in the decision making process.  This is understandable given the huge increase in costs that graduates have had to bear compared with their predecessors of only 10-15 years ago. UCL estimate that the typical living costs for students in London is £12,558 per year before we even consider the tuition fees of up to £9,000.

The Guardian reported recently that one way this has manifested itself is a reported ‘sobering up’ at Freshers week in recent years so its not all bad news I guess!

We have years of experience to bring to bear on what can be a complex area of education funding in terms of both knowledge and practicalities.  The majority of the team here have had first hand experience from their own time as bright eyed undergraduates at one point or another but more relevant is Tim and Andrew are currently gaining insight from the other side of the fence now as parents!


We have helped many families put in place powerful investment strategies for education funding when the children are toddlers right through to helping them negotiate this classic financial planning banana skin when the time comes for them to fledge the nest.  Additionally we offer free basic financial planning guidance to our clients’ children under the age of 25 to help them get a head start on the basics such as budgeting and banking.

If you would like to talk to us about education funding or how our Personal Finance Director services can help you and your family why not get in touch?



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September 8th, 2015

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