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Finding a balance

You’ve worked hard for your success. And there’s more to come. Now, though, it’s time to build a plan for the future. How do you achieve this while keeping a busy life in balance?

Most likely you’re over 40 and at the top of your game. Until this point you’ve been running at full speed, focusing hard on the here and now, and getting results. However at the back of your mind there’s a plan to translate this success into an assured future for you and your family. A plan for when life changes pace. When the kids grow up. When the balance shifts from achievement towards enjoyment. ... Read More
Time to plan
The time to develop that plan and put it into action is now. But can you make the space for it? It’s rare that highly successful people like you have the capacity to fit strategic financial planning in between the demands of a top-flight career and the pleasures of a fulfilling family life. As a business owner or senior executive, you will, however, be skilled in the arts of delegation and listening. You’ll be able to see the big picture – and be prepared to take advice. This is why the idea of a “personal finance director” is appropriate for people in your position. ... Read More
Why a personal finance director?
Just like the FD or CFO in a business, this is someone who works for you, assessing your needs and then putting together a plan that delivers – in this case, for you and your family. It is also someone who will act as a sounding board, who will challenge your ideas and offer interesting thoughts in return. Your BDB personal finance director will listen to your concerns, develop your financial strategy and then put it into place. Importantly, your personal finance director will ensure that pensions, investments and life assurance are optimised so they are as cost-efficient as possible. ... Read More
Making your money work for your life
When we understand where you want to get to, we can ensure that your wealth is working to serve your goals. And when your financial plan is properly aligned, it’s easier to achieve the balance you seek in every aspect of your life. Get in touch now to find out how we can help you. ... Read More
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Your family

“Should he get an interest only mortgage?” “Should she join the company pension scheme?” "He's been told he needs life assurance. Does he?” “How and when should she start to save?” Our service includes complimentary advice to your children under 25.

There often comes a time when the roles are reversed and parents look to a successful daughter or son for guidance. This can be an emotional and financial minefield. When that time comes, we’ll help you simplify your finances, reduce risk and plan inheritance – while being mindful of potential conflicts of interest.
"The way they changed me was not thinking about money any more. They convinced me that we have enough to live the life we want, in safety."

Financial planning

WATCH: How do we work as Your Personal Finance Director? We’ll help you discover what true wealth really means to you. We’ll give you the financial security to live your life to the full.

The bucket

WATCH: We think of your financial future being like a bucket which over time gets topped up with income and depleted by funding your lifestyle. What does yours look like? Does it run out or overflow?

What our clients say

WATCH: “Peace of mind“, “Not thinking about money any more“, “Massive benefits to come in the future“, “Explore what’s possible“. Find out why our clients love our fresh approach to financial planning.

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“Even in choppy financial seas their advice has remained sensible and pragmatic.”

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