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A new view of wealth

We believe that the conventional model of financial advice is broken. Because when it only focuses on money, it misses what matters most: how your material success translates into the life you want for you and your family.

Focused on your goals
BDB was founded on the fundamental principle that money is an “enabler”: the thing that makes a rewarding life possible. As you would expect, we ensure that pensions, life assurance, trusts and investments are taken proper care of. But we do so only after understanding where they fit with your plans and how they help you achieve your goals. With its roots in Nobel prize-winning research and behavioural economics, our investment approach uses the very latest thinking on how money should be managed. And it offers clear savings compared to traditional financial management. ... Read More
Highly qualified team
BDB advisers have the very highest levels of qualification and expertise, holding both chartered and accredited status with the two leading bodies in our profession. All our planners hold the CFP licence, recognised as the global standard in financial planning. And to keep our skills up to date, BDB runs a programme of continuous professional development. ... Read More
Face to face
As a BDB client you will meet our team right from the start. Read about their backgrounds, experience and qualifications here. We look forward to helping you take a new look at your money. ... Read More
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At BDB, we believe that real wealth is measured in time, relationships and experiences. It's what you do with your money that makes life rewarding and fulfilling.
BDB Financial

Financial planning

WATCH: How do we work as Your Personal Finance Director? We’ll help you discover what true wealth really means to you. We’ll give you the financial security to live your life to the full.

The bucket

WATCH: We think of your financial future being like a bucket which over time gets topped up with income and depleted by funding your lifestyle. What does yours look like? Does it run out or overflow?

What our clients say

WATCH: “Peace of mind“, “Not thinking about money any more“, “Massive benefits to come in the future“, “Explore what’s possible“. Find out why our clients love our fresh approach to financial planning.

BDB Financial

“Even in choppy financial seas their advice has remained sensible and pragmatic.”

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