A New Chapter

Having only joined BDB last month, I still feel a bit like the new guy here. However, hopefully my colleagues will agree I am steadily getting up to speed; although I can’t deny there is a lot of change to take in.  So, a bit of background about me, I have almost 5 years of experience now working in various roles within Financial Advice whilst developing my skills and gaining my professional qualifications.

I studied Finance & Investment Management at Northumbria University in Newcastle, where I stayed a few years before gravitating back to my roots in Doncaster. In 2012, I started down the route of qualifying to provide regulated financial advice, which I completed in 2015. This then led me to take a number of additional qualifications that add greater breadth and depth to my knowledge, a track I am still on today. I aim to become a Chartered member of both the CISI & the CII before my 30th birthday comes around, which is drawing closer than I care to admit.

CII Target

My roles to date have all been in support of those providing professional financial advice, and that trend has continued, however, BDB do things differently. I am therefore working hard to become proficient in the BDB way. I have already had my eyes opened to so much and I can honestly say that I have never worked in an environment as ambitious and forward thinking as it is here. I am looking forward to making a real contribution and helping the team achieve their goal of adding value to each and every client by delivering effective financial and life planning.

When I’m not working, thinking about work or studying something to do with work, I’m usually at home enjoying some quality time with my wife, daughter and new born baby boy! Finally, whilst personal leisure pursuits are somewhat of a rarity, I have been known to take to a snowy mountain strapped to a board.

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July 19th, 2017

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