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Brook-Dobson Brear are Chartered and Accredited Financial Planners who act as personal finance directors to enable your material success to translate into true life success. Live life to the full with comprehensive financial planning.

Clients say we've helped:

  • Save me time I now know my number Look after the money Help me live the life I want Save me money Show me what's possible Save me tax Become financially organised Stay financially organised Help my assets grow Show me I don't need to work Stop work now Build our financial "board" Manage our financial "board" Better understanding of my money Better control of my money Understand risks Find time Make time Reassure me Stop poor decisions Stop financial mistakes Drive out costs Reduce uncertainty Keep on the "straight & narrow" Do the things I put off Know lifestyle is sustainable Accomplish what’s important Clarity of purpose Meet family commitments Want to feel free Be my financial "shrink" Ask the right questions Give confidence to spend Allow me to dream Remain on track Look forward to the future Relieve my stress Have more fun

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Brook-Dobson Brear Financial Ltd are leading professional and private wealth management consultants who provide bespoke personal financial planning, services and advice.

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